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Read my book, "Become a Working Artist" from Amazon
The Philosophy of Doing - Look for a Release Date Soon !
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Become a Working Artist


Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask about being a working artist! Click on the Link to Order from Amazon!

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Tangled Roots
Pen Name: L. K. Clementine

When Artemis read her mother's diary, she never expected to find a confession to murder - from when her mother was only eight years old.  *New Launch Date Soon!

The Philosophy of Doing

It's your business - and you can make it great? Simply by doing all those things you keep putting off! If you understand your needs, you will understand your business just a bit better.

Grow and achieve,

You can do it!

And Coming Soon from
L. K. Clementine and C. P. Ameriquiea:

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